Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Detangling: What Works For Us!

Detangling is the process in which you use a particular product or oil to soften and smooth the hair for manageability.  It can be simple or complicated.  It is one of the most important aspects of a healthy hair journey.

Detangling can be done at various points during your wash regimen.  Some prefer to detangle before shampooing while others detangle after shampooing during conditioning or there are those who detangle after shampooing and conditioning.

There are two methods that can be used to detangle: Wet-Detangling or Dry-Detangling.  Here is a great source for more valuable information on detangling.

How We Detangle

BG "S" (Type 4 Coarse)-  I detangle prior to washing using our detangling cocktail or during deep conditioning if done prior to washing.  I detangle in sections.  I start by misting the hair with my cocktail mix and begin by finger detangling first.  I then proceed to detangle the ends of the hair first with my seamless comb. Next, I gently slide the comb in and out of the hair while sliding down any remaining knots/tangles from the top to the bottom until detangled to my liking, I also complete that section with the Denman 31 to ensure all tangles have been removed. I then twist that section.  I do this throughout the entire head and then proceed with her hair regimen.

BG "M" (Type 4 Fine) - I detangle during the conditioning phase after washing using a wide tooth seamless comb.  After detangling in sections with the conditioner still in her hair, I twist that section to prepare for rinsing and proceed with her hair regimen.

A great visual of how I detangle my girls hair by one of my faves...

Another one of my favorite YT'ers... (How to Detangle Children's Hair)

How do you detangle?

Quick Tip #1

Quick Tip #1

Happy New Year!!!  I want to start off the new year with a series titled "Quick Tip".  These will hopefully be helpful tips that I have found very useful throughout my daughters' hair journey. ;-)

Do you have a sulfate-free shampoo that you love but it makes your hair feel a little too clean?  Well, try adding a top full of Jojoba Oil to the shampoo, it adds a punch a moisture. This works great for us when using Kinky Curly Come Clean (KCCC) to clarify the hair.

It works for us, give it a try it may work for you too! ^_^