Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Struggle: Hair Products

The past couple of months have been a struggle to find the "perfect" product combo or products at all for that matter.  My youngest daughter is only three and I have been thru a ton of products.  Throughout this process I have learned what her hair likes and dislikes!!! #atruejourney

A little background:  BG "M" hair can use most if not all and any products.  BG "S" hair on the other hand is protein and panthenol sensitive and acts funny with glycerine and MOST products have these ingredients.

To get an idea, here is a list of the brands I have purchased with my own money and tried.  The number beside the product line indicates how many products I have tried from that line.

Terressentials (1), JessiCurl (1), As I Am (2), Blended Beauty (5), Shea Moisture (14), Original Moxie (2), Alikay Naturals (3), Eden BodyWorks (4), HoneyChile Hair Love (2), Qhemet Biologics (7), B.A.S.K (2), Ynobe (5), Carol's Daughter (7), Darcy's Botanicals (6), Curls (3), Oyin (4), 4Naturals (1), Luv Naturals (3), Entwine Couture (3), Obia (4), Camille Naturals (2), Noire Naturals (3), Curly Q (3), Kinky Curly (3), Trader Joes (2), All Things Natural (3), KeraCare (2), Beautiful Textures (2), Taliah Waajid (2), Karen Body Beautiful (3), Herbal Essence (2), Uncle Funky's (1), Jane Carter (3), Koils by Nature (1), Reve Essentials (1), Giovanni (3), TresSemme (1), Bee Mine (1), Aubrey Organics (2), Eco Styler (2), Cara B (3), Dr. Miracles (1), Nothing But (1), Curl Junkie (3), MyHoney Child (1), JessiCurl (1) and more...

Here are a few pictures of just some of the products I have purchased...

So as you can see, I have a lot of product reviews to do, lol. I won't be doing reviews on some products because some products just didn't work, not any fault of the product but because they contained ingredients that her hair just didn't agree with, so in all fairness I won't post on them.  However, if you have a question about a product feel free to ask ;)

And just in case you're wondering, any products we disliked or couldn't find a permanent place for in our regimen we sold!!!

Stay Tuned...Product Reviews on the way and our newest staple products!