Saturday, June 22, 2013

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Since I'm working on incorporating a new regimen for BG "S" with the Terressentials Mud Wash, I decided to deep condition this week.  This is our first deep condition since using Terressentials.  I think I may deep condition and cleanse the hair twice a month alternating the weeks.
Week 1 - Cleanse
Week 2 - Deep Condition

Week 3 - Cleanse
Week 4 - Deep Condition
This week, I decided to go with the Greek Yogurt and Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment which I first used HERE.  It's a great protein/moisturizing deep conditioner.  My only complaint is that is can be very messy and smelly.  You can find how I deep condition HERE.

I used the same ingredients with the exception of the shea butter.  This time I used 100% unrefined USDA Organic Shea Butter which I ordered online (I've heard that shea butter was sticky/waxy like but this was my first time actually encountering that).  I always tried to aim for the unrefined shea butter but sometimes its not marked as refined or unrefined on the containers in the beauty supply store so I guess you don't really know what you're getting at times.  Anywho, this mix was thicker and took a little longer to rinse but I must say her hair was super moisturized, I was in awe!!  For my next deep treatment, I think I will try a recipe with shea butter as the main ingredient.  Here are a few pics...

Greek Yogurt and Shea Butter Deep Treatment
Can you see how moisturized her hair is, I wish you could feel the softness...
After rinsing, I simply sealed and threaded for drying.
 Look at that shrinkage!!!

What homemade deep treatments do you use?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Detoxing w/ Terressentials Organic Hair Wash

I have been struggling to find a really good leave-in and styler for BG "S" type 4 hair.  Nothing seemed to work, so out of frustration, I decided to revisit my whipped shea butter mix and flaxseed gel. However, on my continued quest the Terressentials Organic Hair Wash caught my attention.  So I began watching some YouTube videos, starting with Naptural85 who pretty much brought this product to the attention of many naturals. I decided on which wash (there are 5) based on this video and this one by YT'er Dawnyele (R.I.P) whose hair type was closest to daughters'.

Lucky for me they are based in MD but instead of taking the drive I decided to order online which I knew would be quick. I ended up ordering the 16 oz. in the Left Coast Lemon which seemed like a better deal since shipping was just about $9.  I ordered on late Tuesday night and go it on Thursday. This product detoxes by ridding your hair of impurities and synthetic ingredients which just coat the hair to give damaged hair the look and feel of being undamaged. The catch is that you can't use other products such as shampoos, conditioners or stylers as they may be loaded with synthetic ingredients that the wash removes and it becomes counterproductive.  But you can always do as you please...

I am going to start this new washing regimen with simply the mud wash and my whipped shea mix and/or oils and see how BG "S" hair responds!

I decided to detox for 3 days leaving the mud wash in for a longer period of time.  I only used the mudwash and my whipped shea mix to seal, no additional products.  It works like a 3 in 1, it cleanses, condition and detangles!  I must say I am really impressed by this product.

Full Product Review coming soon...

Day 1 Detox
The hair felt a little funny during the first wash but got better with the next two.  The last wash, I let it sit in her hair for an hour to speed the detox process.   I was actually able to finger detangle with this product

Day 2 Detox
Day 3 Detox
Her twist-out was so light and fluffy.
Here is some additional info on the mudwash and detoxing:

Check out this list, its crazy...very interesting:

What do you think and have any of you tried Terressentials Products?