Saturday, June 22, 2013

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Since I'm working on incorporating a new regimen for BG "S" with the Terressentials Mud Wash, I decided to deep condition this week.  This is our first deep condition since using Terressentials.  I think I may deep condition and cleanse the hair twice a month alternating the weeks.
Week 1 - Cleanse
Week 2 - Deep Condition

Week 3 - Cleanse
Week 4 - Deep Condition
This week, I decided to go with the Greek Yogurt and Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment which I first used HERE.  It's a great protein/moisturizing deep conditioner.  My only complaint is that is can be very messy and smelly.  You can find how I deep condition HERE.

I used the same ingredients with the exception of the shea butter.  This time I used 100% unrefined USDA Organic Shea Butter which I ordered online (I've heard that shea butter was sticky/waxy like but this was my first time actually encountering that).  I always tried to aim for the unrefined shea butter but sometimes its not marked as refined or unrefined on the containers in the beauty supply store so I guess you don't really know what you're getting at times.  Anywho, this mix was thicker and took a little longer to rinse but I must say her hair was super moisturized, I was in awe!!  For my next deep treatment, I think I will try a recipe with shea butter as the main ingredient.  Here are a few pics...

Greek Yogurt and Shea Butter Deep Treatment
Can you see how moisturized her hair is, I wish you could feel the softness...
After rinsing, I simply sealed and threaded for drying.
 Look at that shrinkage!!!

What homemade deep treatments do you use?


  1. Wow her hair looks very soft! I have shrinkage just like that :)

    Natural with Kendra

    1. Thanks, it was surprisingly soft!!!! And that shrinkage is something else, lol...its fun though! BTW, I love your blog! :)

  2. I recently did a deep treatment with greek yogurt and it was amazing! My hair feel so soft and miosturized!!! What a difference! :) Glad I am a new follower of this blog

    1. I love greek yogurt as a deep conditioner!!! Thank you so much for following!!! :)

  3. I've not used yogurt before.. Got to try that. I did the DC before wash, I did not detangle... wish I had detangled prior to washing.

    1. OMG, you are missing something if you haven't tried the yogurt yet. You have to try it out! Oh no, no detangling before washing...I know that was a headache. I usually pre-poo first but if I go right into deep conditioning, I'll detangle while the dc is in and place in twists and then cover to complete dc'ing. Most of the dc's I use have really good slip so it makes detangling very easy.