Wednesday, August 22, 2012

**Deep Conditioning on Dry Hair (Before Washing)**

This post was written before the start of BG "S" Loc Journey....  Back to loose natural tresses!!!

I have been deep conditioning on dry hair since my first experience with DC'ing BG "S" back in April.  I started DC this way simply for the sake of time, its not easy doing a toddler's hair!  I ended up loving the outcome this way, not to mention it cuts the time in half and it works great for us! I haven't looked back, I must say I like it so much I've only DC on freshly washed hair a few times.  I don't use products that contain silicones, mineral oil, petroleum, etc. that can cause build up, so the DC can still penetrate and condition the hair. 

  Here is how I deep condition on dry hair:
  • Start out with dry unwashed hair
  • Pre-poo with coconut oil and lightly finger detangle
  • Put the hair in sections to apply DC (optional: you can lightly mist the hair with water first)
  • After appyling the DC, I cover with a grocery bag and secure with stocking/spandex cap
  • Let her run and play anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hours
  • Remove bag, gently detangle and section hair for twisting or braiding 
  • Rinse, wash and then condition while in braids

**I deep condition no less than twice a month (minimum)**

The Natural Haven recently posted on Deep Conditioning on Dry or Dirty Hair.  After reading this post, I thought I was doing this all wrong BUT I'm not! This is what works for us and I like it.  If its not broken don't fix it! Is there a right or wrong way?  I say do what works for your hair. But being my curious self, I decided to do some research and found I'm not the only one doing it this way!

To get a better idea of DC on Dry Hair, here is a video by Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl

More info on Deep Conditioning:

Naturally Curly: Deep Conditioners For Curly Hair (Homemade Recipes, Products to try, etc.)


  1. I agree if you like the results you should stick with it. When I was younger I always combed my hair with a spray bottle but then I find the tightly curly method and thought I was all wrong. So I combed soaked hair only and that made my hair flat and frizzy. I learned something very important from that, you should always do what works, as long as you are not damaging your hair! What I was doing before was similar. I also do not use any unnatural products. I just wondered if it would work on "dirty" hair so I thought I should at least rinse it a little and let it dry for a brief amount of time with no products before DC. I will see if there is any difference. The last time I detangled manually but this time I went thru with hands, wide tooth comb and finer comb, I just feel like nothing fully works well if I do not detangle. Even when I shampoo I sort of comb thru.

  2. What a great idea! It can be such a struggle to shampoo and condition my 3-year-old's hair that I have not even bothered to deep condition. I will definitely try this out. Thanks for the tip!