Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loc'ing Your Child's Hair...Yay or Nay?

I love natural hair but I absolutely LOVE locs.  I have been natural for 8 years and loc'd for 7 years.  I have no regrets and have never looked back.   In our home we have always discussed the idea of loc'ing our daughters' hair.  My husband also have locs and have been loc'd for 13 years, so he loves the idea for many reasons.

My oldest is at a very impressionable age and has expressed interest in wanting locs and ask for them often but I am not sure if her mom will be on board.  My youngest doesn't really pay much
attention to her hair but always says, "Mommy, I like you hair", while touching it, lol.  Random people often ask me if I am going to loc BG "S" hair because its almost always in two-strand twists and of course because they see me loc'd and my answer have always been YES. So here goes....I began two strand twisting BG "S" hair last night and will finish tonight, so I am going to see where this takes us.  I may start her locs with this set of twists or maybe another set depending on how the spacing and size looks when I am done.  Why do I want to loc my daughter's hair you ask, its simple: Locs in itself are beautiful and it is a style that I like & love and I believe it is something she will love as well--just as you like cornrows, puffs, twists, twist-outs, braids, ponytails, etc. and style your child's hair as such.  This is not based on convenience, as I currently take excellent care of their hair.  If it turns out to be something she doesn't like, I am okay with that and we will take them out!

It is interesting to me that parents always say they want it to be their kids decision about loc'ing but decide on everything else for their kids. Parents make the decision to press, flat iron, perm, curl, add "fake" hair and so much more without the kids decision but when it comes to locs its different.  Why is this?

Some quick facts about locs: Contrary to what people believe, locs are very versatile.  Locs are not at all painful to get done if you take care of them and keep them maintained regularly.  It is not painful for a child to get locs. Although locs are low maintenance, they still need to be cared for, after all it is still hair.  Locs can be taken out, it does however require time and diligence.  There are tons of videos on YouTube showing how to remove locs.  If that method is overwhelming, you can let the hair grow out a bit and then cut them, you can even get braids or twists with added hair until the hair grows to desired length.  Proper methods and products are important for the care of locs and yes locs do need to be washed!  With proper care, your child will have beautiful and healthy locs.

 If you are still uncertain whether or not locs are for your child, simply do your research until you're comfortable. Locs aren't a good fit for everyone and should never be used as a way to "manage" a child's hair, that makes it no different than relaxing at that point.  I believe you should have an appreciation and positive attitude towards locs so that same attitude will exude through your child. Its just hair folks! =)

Loc'd and Loving It

Look at these loc'd beauties...


**This Video is Such an Inspiration**

**Removing Locs on a Child**

Yay or Nay to loc'ing your child's hair? Why?

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