Hair Care Regimen

Pamper Day for the Curls 
These are regimens that currently work and could change and will be updated as needed...

Baby Girl S's Hair Weekly Regimen (Thick, Kinky-Curly, Dry Hair) -Type 4
  • Pre-Poo with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil the day or a few hours before washing depending on time (this softens the hair and reduces the strands from swelling as much during washing)
  • Detangle hair with cocktail spritzer (distilled water, conditioner, oils and acv)
  • Loosely twist or braid hair in 7-10 sections (# of sections depends on length of hair)
  • Cleanse the scalp, rinse
  • Deep Condition for 30 mins to an hour (I rotate DC's based on hair needs (Moisture) or (Protein DC**Placement of DC varies depending on time, it may occur after shampooing**
  • Rinse 
  • Blot hair dry with daddy's white t-shirt or old infant hooded towel

    While hair is still in twisted or braided sections,  I do the following to each section...
  • Apply leave-in conditioner/moisturizer 
  • Seal in moisture with a Favorite Oil
  • Gently brush (Denman 31) each section to distribute products evenly
  • Band the hair for stretching and drying 
  • Style hair the same day or the next day (I re-moisturize and use additional styling products to style if needed)
  • Apply additional oil/cream at the ends of the hair if needed
  • Moisturize daily with a Hair Mist and seal with an Oil
  • Oil Scalp when needed (usually on wash day)

Baby Girl M's Hair Weekly Regimen (Medium Texture, Kinky-Curly Curls that Frizz)- Type 4
Most products work well in her hair,
  • Deep Condition with a protein treatment as needed
  • Cleanse the scalp 
  • Condition the hair
  • Rinse
  • Blot hair dry with white t-shirt or baby towel
  • Section hair and spritz with a hair mist
  • Apply leave-in conditioner
  • Seal hair with an oil and proceed to styling while hair is damp                    
  • Grease or oil scalp depending on style (she has very dry scalp)

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