Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PSA: Target is a DANGER Zone!!!

I decided to take a trip to Target today to visit the hair aisle of course ^_^ and to my surprise I found (3) "new" brands that Target is now carrying...hence the title "DANGER Zone".  Target is now carrying Oyin Handmade, Carol's Daughter and Alikay Naturals Products...say what?!!  Yes that's the same thing I said, well if you don't believe me here are a few snapshots.  Of course I have tried something from all (3) brands, but the fact that its in my local Target is a BIG DEAL!!!  The shelves are a bit empty but I believe there were stocking up.  What's not to love about Target?

Oyin Handmade

Carol's Daughter

Alikay Naturals

Are these brands carried in your local Target?


  1. Out of the brand you mentioned all we have is CD. Not sure how I would act with Oyin and Alikay!

    1. Well, hopefully you'll get the other brands soon. Lol @ not knowing how you would act with the others....I totally understand! ;)