Monday, November 26, 2012

...And then there were NONE!

So, I made the tough decision to comb-out BG "S" locs <tear>.  What?! Why?!  It was an easy but tough decision to make, if that makes sense.  I loved, loved BG "S" locs and the were growing so beautifully but I had some concerns which at the end of the day led to my decision.

For those who know or don't know, over-twisting, product build-up and lint can lead to the detriment of a persons locs.  Locs can literally collect everything from lint to food and the list goes on. Lint embedding into the locs and build-up can lead to your locs looking messy.  Over-twisting can cause thinning which later leads to breakage.  So I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it is to keep lint out of a 2 year old's head (and she happens to be a very active 2 year old).  I was constantly picking at her hair like Mother Hen and re-twisting because she would mess here hair up by rubbing her hands in it (something she's been doing since infancy).  I would get frustrated when she would roll on the floor because I "just" did her hair (she only keeps her scarf on at bedtime).  But I had to remember, she is just being a kid and I don't want to restrict her from doing just that. I want her to still have fun without me constantly picking at her hair just for the sake of keeping her locs in tip-top shape.

I am happy to have gone through this experience with my daughter and can't wait until she gets older (5 or 6) to try again!  By that time she will be old enough to decide as well.  I LOVE locs and I still think locs are great for kids but recommend waiting until about age 5 or 6.  It was certainly an accomplishment to put them in and remove them. In the meantime, we are going to enjoy her loose natural tresses!

The Process of Removing

I did a clarifying wash and conditioning before beginning.  I placed the hair in sections to make it easier to work with .  I started in the back and coated each loc with Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee , I then took an individual loc and soaked it with conditioner and water and began combing it out.  It took 10-20 minutes to comb down one.  I was very gentle and did not pull roughly at the hair.  So after 19 hours beginning on on Saturday, I SUCCESSFULLY removed BG "S" locs!!!!! I had no idea what I was up against, her hair had already completely loc'd.  Her hair currently has a weird feeling and  is really dry but I'm sure after a few deep conditions we'll be back in business.  So project "Healthy Hair Back", here we come...

Here are some pics of the process...
1. All Loc'd Up @ 2.5 months
2. In the works, the tedious process!
3. A completely formed loc saturated with conditioner
4. Loc combed out and hair full length
5. Shrinkage
6. Curls are still there and poppin :)
7. An overworked spray bottled filled with conditioner & water, lol 
8. All the hair lost in the removal process, not too bad for 2.5 months of no shedding or combing (all the white is dried up conditioner)


  1. My jaw dropped some when I read the first sentence of this blog entry and I was about to say WHY? out loud when I read the next haha.

    Your patience with combing them all out is commendable and I'm sure your little one is happy either way as long the fun and playing doesn't stop. She had one beautiful head of locs there. I wonder what her decision will be when she's older and you tell her all about this first set.

    Merry Christmas to each of you!


    1. Lol, I know!!! A lot of people asked why but understood once I explained to them why. I hope the next set turns out of just as beautiful if and when we decide to take that road again. I wonder as well...

  2. This was quite a feat. Awesome job!