Sunday, December 29, 2013

**My Natural Hair is Beautiful**

Let me first start by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS and follow with an apology for not being as frequent with my posts (life happens ya know)...but posts are on the way! ^_^

We all know this hair thing is truly a JOURNEY!  I have gone through ups and downs with BG "S" hair but we're still pressing forward because after all I LOVE my kids' hair and I want them to do the same! So I wanted to take this opportunity to share this adorable PSA...enjoy!

My Natural Hair is Beautiful


  1. lol, those kids are cute, esp the preschooler in pink headband, spotted sweater. "Do you tell my mom I need a blapxer" haha. I feel the natural hair movement needs to include our little ones too, because they are truly the future.
    Happy Holidays to you too, thanks for stopping by the blog.

    1. Lol, they are super adorable! The little ones are definitely our future and a direct reflection of what we put out there, that's why its so important for us to embrace our natural beauty! Happy Holidays to you as well...and btw I really enjoy your blog :)