Monday, February 25, 2013

Our 1st Challenge of the Year: KLK 2013 Protective Style Challenge

For those of you who don't know we have been participating in a protective style challenge hosted by KandyLand Kurls since January.  The challenge started January 7 and runs thru March 4th...we are still in full effect, with a couple weeks to go!  We have really enjoyed the challenge as there are many benefits to wearing your hair in protective styles! Here are our weekly submission photos to date:

WEEK 1  - Two-Strand Twists w/ Flat Twists on the side

 WEEK 2- Chunky Two-Strand Twists

 WEEK 3- Mini Two-Strand Twists (I did a little dusting of the ends)

 WEEK 4- Mini Two-Strand Twists (from Week 3 after washing)

 WEEK 5- African Threading

WEEK 6- Chunky Twists

WEEK 7- Mini Two-Strand Twists

WEEK 8- Mini-Two Strand Twists (From Week 7)