Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BGS First Trim-Healthier Hair, Here We Come...

Snip, Snip...

After much research and finally gaining the courage, I decided to do it!  Since her hair was already styled in mini two-strand twists I thought this was the perfect time to trim.  I first became familiar with this technique via Baby Big Hair (Trimming BBH, Well...Her Hair).  Since we are currently in a  Protective Style Challenge, I decided to go for it because after removing the mini-twists I will be giving BGS a deep condition treatment.

We used:
  • Goody 'Ouchless' Ponytail Holders
  • Clips
  • 5 1/2 inch Cutting Shears ($2.99 from Beauty Supply Store)
What we did:
  • I applied a generous amount of coconut oil throughout the hair.
  • Sectioned off the hair evenly.
  • I examined each twist and figured out how much to trim (starting from the back). I did this by sliding my finger down the twist to feel for rough areas.  I also looked for thinning.
  • I snipped right above my thumb at an angle.
  • After trimming a twist (Yes I did it one by one, it was my first time, lol!) I clipped the twist to the side until I finished all twists in that section and then secured section with ponytail holder.
  • Repeated until completed.

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For you viewing pleasure: YouTube Video Demonstrations:
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