Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"No-Buy" Plan and Getting Rid of Products

So, in an effort to cut back on PJ'ism, I am putting myself on a "no-buy" plan!  Yes, that's right, there will be no purchasing of any "new" hair products.  I just purchased my last "new" ($20-it better be golden) product for now and pray I love it.  I need to use all hair products (old & new) I currently have or get rid of them somehow.  I will be trying out Lola's Green Hair, a free source for buying and selling gently used hair products!  If you haven't heard about the website, go check it out!

**I will only be re-purchasing products that are currently used in my daughters' hair regimen.** 

What have you ladies done with products you didn't like?

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  1. I stockpile it and try mixing things together in multiple failed attempts to recreate a product I once loved that was discontinued. But I'm running out of storage space so thanks for the tip. Hopefully the Lola site is back up and running again soon.