Thursday, September 6, 2012

**BG "S" Loc Journey: 2nd Loc Set w/ Comb Coils**

After doing additional research I decided to "do-away" with the first set of starter locs (two-strand twists) and decided to start over with comb coils.  Why?  Well, since I will be maintaining BG "S" locs, I thought this would be the best method.  Comb Coils usually turn out with uniform width and length,  two-strand twists on the other hand may form to be different sizes and it takes a little longer for the two-strand twists pattern to go away, in some cases you have to cut the pattern off from the ends once the hair grows out.

After only 2.5 weeks her two-strand twist were already beginning to "loc" together.  Before I decided to take this new loc journey, I made the mistake of applying a spray leave-in conditioner after washing the hair --a big NO NO for the beginning stages of loc'ing.  Needless to say it worked in my favor because the take down process was a breeze since the leave-in aided in detangling the hair.

As I removed a twist, I simply replaced it with a comb coil after detangling that section, some sections were broken down into smaller sections. This was my very first attempt at comb coils and I am very pleased with the outcome.

I learned how to do Comb Coils by watching a video by CHVC

This is a pic of the process...

Products Used:
Rat-tail comb and Angle comb

Spray Bottle (Distilled Water & Rosemary EO)
Single Prong Clips
Taliah Waajid Lock It Up-Tight Hold (Review to Come)

 BG "S" new Loc Journey officially began on 8/27/12...

Stay to follow :-)

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