Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Picture Perfect Hair (Twists & Twist Outs)

A couple of weeks ago, my SIL (sister-in law) wanted to have pictures taken of our kids (a cousin photo).  Well, for me that meant (3) heads to do in one day (my daughters and my niece).  I decided to do a twist style for my niece and twist-out styles for my daughters'.  Oh and the color scheme was purple instead of going with the typical holiday colors (no offense to anyone).  Unfortunately, I could not find any individual shots of my youngest BG "S" twist-out :( (The busy life of a 2 year old!)

I used Blended Beauty Products for these styles.

I got my inspiration from blogger CHVC Back-to-School Twisted-Updo
My Niece

Inspiration from YT'er SimplYounique -Twist & Curl Perm Rod
After twisting the hair I set the twists on perm-rods and left them in overnight...
BG "M"

Behind the scenes (Photo-op)

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