Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BG "S" Hair Update (After Removing Locs)/ KLK Protective Style Challenge

Where are we now?!  Its been about a month and a half since removing BG "S" locs.  During this month we have gone through so bumps and hurdles with her hair...but we are overcoming those obstacles.  Here are a few things we have dealt with since going back to her natural tresses:

  • Single Strand Knots a.k.a Fairy Knots
  • Longer Detangling Sessions
  • Frizziness
  • Faithful products not as effective 

I cut about 2 inches of her hair, it looked thin on the ends and I could see thru them so I decided to cut them in order to keep focus on getting her hair back to a healthier state.  I have not kept any styles in her hair longer than a week to prevent it from re-locing since the hair was trained to loc.

Throughout this process, I have found that finger detangling doesn't work for us at the moment because it doesn't do a thorough job of detangling thus causing single strand knots.  When I find a SSK, I just snip them off. The detangling sessions have been longer because the products I used weren't as effective.  I  have since been using some new products and some old products I used at the beginning of her healthy hair journey.  We have made tremendous progress.  Comparison pics coming soon.

Stay Tuned and watch our continued progress...

**We are currently participating in the KLK Protective Style Challenge**




  1. Hey Miss, it's been ages. I'm so pleased you've come through the struggles. You always sound so confident about the steps required to obtain healthy hair. So in a sense you are saying locs/loc removal cause hair damage that needs to be worked. So it's not as easy as it seems? Those tst do look darling and I'm always happy to hear someone confidently trimming unhealthy ends. At first it feels like a loss but with a few days the whole head looks healthier to me.

    Peace for 2013 :)))

  2. Hey Lady, Happy New Year! Thank you so much, we have definitely gotten through the struggles. Loc removal definitely cause hair damage that requires a lot of work and patiences. The process of removing isn't easy nor is the process of caring for the hair afterwards (at least the first 2 months). I always feel like its just hair and it will grow back, no need to hold on to damaged hair. I actually just dusted her ends this weekend after fighting with a few more SSK and I am very pleased at the curent state of her hair. Natural Hair=Healthy Hair

    1. Of course but certainly not without hard work. Natural hair is just not as straight forward as rocking a twa with a fierce attitude. I'm learning there's a whole education behind any type of hair care. It takes a certain kind of passion to care for black hair sometimes it comes from a professional or just a loving mother but lots of us are becoming passionate for ourselves too.