Thursday, January 24, 2013

Product Review: Oyin Hair Dew

Oyin Hair Dew

Cost: $13.00 ( or (
Size: 8 oz.
Scent: Sweet like Dessert
Consistency: Rich Creamy & Thick (lotion)

What They Say:
This creamy, conditioning leave-in is light enough for every day. It's great on 'naked' hair immediately after a cleanse, or as a way to reinvigorate tired hair all the way through your hair care cycle.

Looking for a product to wake up and moisturize your second-day hair? Looking for a way to make your hair pliable enough to re-style without a full rinse? Just want to refresh your coils and curls and give them a shot of moisture before sealing? This leave-in is your answer! Plays well with other Oyin leave-ins and stylers.

What I Say:
First of all, the smell is amazing!  I've used this product as a leave-in and moisturizer yielding good results both ways.  It leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny.  It doesn't provide much slip as a leave-in.  It also absorbs nicely and provides softness and moisture but the moisture isn't lasting for my daughters' Type 4 hair. This product is also very light.

Purified water, castor oil, olive oil, organic aloe vera gel, behentrimonium methosulfate (emulsifier), coconut oil, olive squalane, optiphen (preservative), cetyl alcohol, fragrance, and love!

**** I give this product a 4 out of 5 Baby Curls****


  1. I purchased the 32oz almost a year ago for myself and have been using it in my daughter's hair since 5 weeks her hair is so soft shiny and long and shes just turned 12 weeks... I hope i can freeze it to use next winter since its so rich we need something light for the summer

  2. There are a lot of folks who swear by this stuff! I'm glad both you and your daughter are enjoying it. You may not have to freeze it though, putting it in the refrigerator should preserve it...good luck! :)