Sunday, September 11, 2011

Project Improvement Cornrow

After a 1 year hiatus on cornrowing, I finally gathered the energy to try again...and I am quite pleased!  Although there is always room for improvement. Here is Baby Girl S at 17 months, I last cornrowed her hair at 7 months. (Check Post Titled: Baby Girl S First Cornrows)

Back View: The nape area of her neck is not from breakage but from growth;
 the hair was always very fine and short.
Top View
Side View
Side View 2


  1. I think they are lovely. I can't cornrow at all. So I have decided to start with flat twists and work with two strands before trying cornrows again.

  2. Thank You JenJen :) I am still improving, not that great in the cornrow styling department, lol. I completely understand the idea of starting with flat twists and two strand twists...good luck and please share your updates.