Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How I Keep My Baby Girls Curls Moisturized

Daily Moisturizing Hair Spritzer 

I have to shake well before using since the oils and water tend to separate.
I use this moisturizer twice daily to add moister to my daughters hair when in protective styles.  After taking the protective style out, the hair is left completely moisturized and soft.  I don't worry too much about frizz (especially since their hair is done once a week).  I'm more concerned with making sure the hair does not become dry and brittle thus causing breakage.

This was my third attempt,  third times a charm...sometimes you learn through trail and error!  This is a combination of oils and distilled water.

My Hair Moisturizer Spritzer Recipe
½ cup distilled water
1 tbsp jojoba oil (Moisture)
1 tbsp coconut oil (Shine/Softens)
1 tbsp grape seed or sweet almond oil
1 tbsp castor oil
1 tsp tea tree oil or Vit E Oil (tea tree oil makes my daughter's hair itch, I now use Rosemary EO)

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