Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Hair Carnival- Two Strand Twists, Flat Twists and Rosettes

We are partcicipating in our very first Hair Carnival via Untrained Hair Mom! I missed the last Hair Carnival and was so disappointed but here we are...yippee!  Anywho, this month I was assigned to copy a style from blogger Precious Curls so I decided to try the "Two-Strand Twists, Flat Twists and Rosettes".  It is a very cute but yet simple style.  You guys know I love some two-strand and flat twists but was super excited to try rosettes for the first time.

I grasped the concept of doing Rosettes by watching this video:

I started with BG "S" regular hair regimen, banded the hair overnight and styled the next day.  I parted/sectioned the hair in preparation for the style during the detangling session to make the styling session faster.  I started with the flat-twists on the side and then began twisting medium sized two-strand twists from the back of the hair on up.  Lastly, I attempted the rosettes in the front. Voila!  I twisted the hair using Shea Moisture Curling Souffle.

Flat Twist (Side-View: instead of doing them at an angle, I decide to do them going back)
Medium-Sized Two Strand Twists (Back View)
Medium-Sized Two Strand Twists (Side View)
Two Rosettes in the front


  1. I have never heard of rosettes before. I am looking forward to trying it one day...Thanks for sharing.

    1. Certainly! I heard of them but never got the concept until now, can't wait to do them again.

  2. This looks great, it turned out so pretty! Thanks for joining us :) so happy to have you

    1. Thank you Brooke and thanks for having us! I really enjoyed it! :)