Friday, July 6, 2012

Why You Should Add Pre-Pooing to Your Routine

What is a Pre-Poo?  According to the Natural Hair Community, pre-poo "refers to applying oils and/or conditioners to the hair before shampooing. Often times a heat source is used to allow the oils and/or conditioners to penetrate the hair and impart moisture."

In my experience pre-pooing makes the hair feel softer, increase moisture and reduces the amount of breakage and shedding that occurs during detangling and washing. I always pre-poo before any type of washing (clarifying, co-wash, etc.)  Pre-pooing is a vital part of our hair regimen and has been extremely beneficial to the girls' hair.  Although there are many other oils and products that can be used to pre-poo, I use Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which I explain in this post here.

Here is a great read: Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Styles and Curly Hair Care: Why You Should Add Pre-Pooing to Your Routine:   Water, The Great Frenemy? …by Susan Walker of Earthtones Naturals via ThreeNaturals

Is pre-pooing part of your routine?

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