Friday, June 8, 2012

BG "S" Mini Braids & Good Ole' Fashion Hair GREASE!

This post is a little late, I actually braided her hair on Tuesday, May 29th.

Recent Pic
Braids are holding up nicely.
 Going on 2 weeks.
For the first time my husband made a "hair request", he wanted me to braid BG "S" hair.  So I decided to do mini braids (mini to me) the week I was leaving town.  This is also the style I submitted for Beads, Braids & Beyond Protective Style Challenge final week.  I decided to deep condition her hair with Miss Jessie's Super Sweet Back Treatment which has protein, (I'm learning to keep a protein and moisture balance - although her hair never agrees with proteins) moisturized and twisted to let air dry overnight.

I began her hair the next day.  I decided to go back to the old way of doing things.  When BG "S" was younger, I simply used grease and water (mouths drop, lol) and never had any problems with dryness, breakage or any other issues people think/say grease cause...just a little lint.  Well, this go' round I decided to use Nature's Blessing Hair Pomade (Grease) and Water.  I used this grease when I was relaxed and LOVED it!!!  With each section, I spritz the hair with distilled water, applied the grease to the hair and began braiding.  I was very happy with the frizz, no greasiness or stickiness, just well done braids without the hassle of going back and forth between several different products!

Will this be my way of doing braids?  Possibly...Nature's Blessing is easy to get, works great as a sealant/ styler, very affordable and this has been the only way I have gotten braids done successfully to my liking on BG "S"!  No wonder I braided her hair so much when she was younger, sometime you just have to revisit the old way of doing things.  Have you tried using grease and how did you use it?

Disclaimer: Grease worked for US but it may or may not work for you. 

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