Friday, June 22, 2012

Sealing with Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ)

After reading the title, I'm sure most people are thinking what?! No oils and no butters!  You read correctly...I have always loved using Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ) or Aloe Vera Gel (AVG) on BG "S" hair.  I use it in homemade recipes to make hair butters, sprays, etc. AVJ and AVG have many benefits on natural hair.  

Just to name a few:
  • Detangles
  • Moisturizes
  • Heals and Soothes Damaged Scalp from Scratches, Burns, Dandruff, etc.
  • Balances pH Level (Porosity) of Hair- pH Balance and Hair

Now to the sealing part...I recently used AVG and coconut oil at the ends of BG "S" hair for some added moisture and to give her curls a little boost needless to say it worked like a charm!  BUT I never thought to use AVJ as a sealant over the entire head o_O.  Say what?! That is until I can across a post via HeyFranHey, she tried a "little sealing experiment".  The Aloe Vera Juice seals in the moisture as a butter or oil would without the added weight plus it adds shine and reduces frizz.

  • So, I thought since I got good results from using it on BG "S" ends, what the heck, let's do it!  I did this sealing method last night and couldn't have been more pleased! The hair was so soft and very easy to comb.  For the first time ever my daughter sat the entire time to get her hair completely done; since it was easier to comb I was able to move a little faster!  You would use the AVJ just as you would an oil.  I poured some in my hand and applied the AVJ right after the leave-in (I will be using a spray bottle in the future).  
  • It especially works well for us since I use Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream (very thick and creamy) as a leave-in on BG "S" hair.  I didn't have time to take pics but I will definitely take some the next go' round.  I will be using this sealing method in BG "S" Hair Regimen for now and document to see how the hair continue to responds. 

  • Why Sealing With Aloe Vera Is So Effective

    Have you tried it? What are you thoughts or opinion on using AVJ as a sealant?


    1. I have been using aloe vera juice to seal my 2A/2B wavy hair after hearing about it from HeyFranHey. Love it! :-)

      1. That's great! What did you seal with before? I am so glad I came across it and it seems to work well on various types of hair!

    2. I must try this....I have 4a type hair and right now I use oils as a sealant which I get great results but sometimes depending on the day my hair will become dry again. Where did you purchased the AVJ. Not near a whole foods market and not really interested in purchasing online. Thanks for the tips!!

    3. Anytime! You can purchase AVJ from your local GNC. The first time I went to make my purchase I picked up AVG instead of AVJ but it wasn't a big deal since I was using it to make a shea butter mix. Just be certain to make sure it is AVJ and its unflavored. :-)