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So, I'm Natural...Do I HAVE to Use 'Natural' Products? ~Kinky Kinetik

I thought this was explained perfectly...Enjoy! via Kinky Kinetik 

So, I'm Natural...Do I HAVE to Use 'Natural' Products?
Survey says: It's your hair, it's your choice!

Now, don't get me wrong, I strongly encourage the use of products that are all-natural.  Why?  Because they not only aid in the health of your hair but it also affects the overall health of your body.  Remember, the products that you put on your hair, skin, and scalp ultimately end up in the blood stream.

So, is using natural products the way to go?  In my opinion, YES!  I suggest using products that are, for the most part, natural, limited in the amount of chemical additives and synthetic ingredients.  So Kinky, are you talking about all of the products found at beauty supply stores, online, and big stores like Target and Walmart?!?  No, I'm not talking about those 'natural' products full of synthetic ingredients.  I'm also not talking about those products that are targeted towards us naturals, yet don't have an ounce of a 'natural' ingredient in it (and if it does, it's not in the top five ingredients).  I'm not talking about the over-priced 'natural' products with ingredients that you can barely read, let alone pronounce.  I'm talking about the natural products that come from the earth.  The butters, the herbs, some oils...  Those are what I encourage others to use and what I strive to use for me and my daughter.

With that said, I know that there's some naturals, male and female alike, out there that still swear by the mineral oils, the sulfates, the parabens, the silicones, the TEAs, etc.  And your thoughts Kinky?  Do you (and your research) boo!  As long as you are aware and thoroughly informed of what you're using, how you're using it, and the potential effects, then all I can honestly say is, to each their own.  Certain gels, shampoos, conditioners, and stylers have the aforementioned types of [not so good] ingredients in them.  Are there alternatives to them?  Yes.  Should you try those natural alternatives?  Definitely!  Is it a guarantee that your hair will come out the same way if you start using all-natural ingredients?  Possibly (I refuse to make that guarantee and then y'all blame me saying, "Kinky told me X.Y. and Z...").  So, take a chance!

This is not a ploy to have certain companies shut down as they don't truly make all-natural products.  I'm also not here to publicly bash certain brands.  I just want to say: be warned Kinkies!!  Just because the label says it's natural, or organic, doesn't mean that it is!  Hell, feces are natural, would you go around using it in your hair?  (I truly hope that no one answered yes or even thought about it.).  Now, that may be an extreme example in some eyes, but you get the point right?!?  [insert nodding in agreement here.]  Good!

I know that I touched a bit on what some consider natural (or unnatural) in my blog post called You Ain't Natural.  However, today I just wanted to elaborate on the use of certain ingredients while living your 'natural' lifestyle.   I say do your research and make the decision ON YOUR OWN of what products you will use in/on YOUR hair.  If you're like others who ask me what to use, please understand that I would  suggest the all-natural alternatives for continued, long-term use.  However, please continue to use your discretion with what you use on your hair, your skin... Please also understand that what works for one, may not work for another.

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